Consulting services

In addition to our expertise in assessing and certifying construction projects, we have extensive experience in providing a range of consulting services on all aspects of building compliance and safety.

Compliance advice during design

We provide compliance advice during the design development phase of projects so you can ensure your design gains approval faster. Our design advice is distinct and separate from our compliance assessment and certification so as to preserve the impartiality of our statutory role.

Defective construction

Need an independent report on defective construction or building damage? We can provide detailed compliance reports to identify defects and guide rectification works. Contact us for more information.

Essential safety and maintenance

We can identify gaps in your building's compliance and provide advice on how to meet contemporary safety standards. We frequently conduct due diligence investigations and audits, and can provide guidance on what measures may be required to improve the safety of your building. Contact us for more information.

Feasibility studies

We are highly skilled in preparing detailed feasibility reports for planned developments, and can provide guidance and costings on works required (whether proposed or rectification) to ensure your project will be fit for purpose. Contact us to find out how.

Insurance reports

We are well practiced in conducting site investigations and reporting on damage for insurance purposes. Contact us to arrange a report.

Retrospective approval

Our experience is extensive when it comes to providing a pathway to obtaining retrospective approval for any works on your property (particularly if you're wanting to sell), or if you need an Occupancy Permit issued for a change of use. Contact us for more information.

Strata investigations

We provide assessments and compliance advice against construction legislation for strata proposals. Contact us for more information.

Legal reports

We are well practiced in providing independent advice for legal purposes, and preparing expert statement or testimony for legal cases, as well as interpretation of building legislation and regulations. Contact us to discuss your legal requirements.

Performance building solutions

The National Construction Code is performance-based, meaning a building's design needs to demonstrate that it will perform as intended. In many cases, it is a straightforward matter of following the provisions set down in the National Construction Code. But in some situations, novel building materials or methods may be required or desired. Our building surveyors are qualified and highly skilled in assessing and preparing performance solutions on all aspects of construction, and can facilitate innovation in design and construction.